What is the Wellness Incentive Program?

Employees and spouses on the Kettering Health Network employee health plan can choose to participate in the wellness incentive program associated with the medical plan they have elected. By participating, Engaged plan members can earn a lower premium, and High Deductible members earn a 2018 employer contribution to their HSA/FSA.  Below are some frequently asked questions and answers around the incentive program.

What are the requirements of the Wellness Incentive Program?

To participate and be eligible for the wellness incentives, employees and their spouses covered under the Kettering Health Network health plan are asked to participate in a biometric screening, health risk assessment questionnaire, and any applicable care coordination activities requested (e.g., care management).

Where do I get a biometric screening?

The employer-paid biometric screenings are held at various Kettering Health Network facilities including the main hospitals, Preble County Medical Center, Franklin Emergency Center, Huber Health Center, and Prestige Place. Dates and times extend beyond normal working hours for convenience. There is also an option to have a physician’s form completed by your primary care provider that you can submit to the biometric screening vendor. If you have any questions about the biometric screening process, please call Employee Connect at 1-844-235-4647 (externally) or ext. 70000 (internally).  Please note, Employee Connect does not have access to your Biometric Screening results, but can answer general questions about the process.

How do I get a physician’s form?

You may call Employee Connect at 1-844-235-4647 (externally) or ext. 70000 (internally) for information on how to obtain a physician’s form.

Who gets my biometric screening information?

Kettering Health Network has contracted with a third party company, Interactive Health, to facilitate biometric screenings. Your results will not be shared with your supervisor or anyone in your management team. The Kettering Health and Welfare Plan may share information with your healthcare and care management providers under the plan, to the extent permitted by law, to provide health care management and/or disease management services including data aggregation for the program improvement and care coordination purposes.

What can I expect at the biometric screening?

Biometric screenings help you know your numbers so you can better manage your health. Tests include total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, non-fasting glucose (Blood Sugar), LDL cholesterol and triglycerides (if fasting), blood pressure, height and weight (BMI calculation), health questionnaire, and health coaching.

What do I do with the biometric screening results?

You will receive a copy of your numbers, which also shows the ranges for healthy levels. You are able to ask questions during the health coaching portion of your biometric screening. This testing is not intended to diagnose any health conditions, but to bring awareness of possible issues. Participants are encouraged to review their results with their primary care provider.

Do I have to do anything else?

Knowing your numbers is a good place to start when managing your health and well-being. You are encouraged to follow up with your primary care provider to review those results. If your results are outside of the recommended ranges, you may receive communications asking you to follow up with your primary care provider to recheck your results or join care management.

What is Care Management?

Care management is a set of activities to help members and providers manage medical conditions more effectively. By organizing resources and options for disease management and preventative care, care management results in improved health, enhanced coordination of care, and elimination of duplication of services. Participants may be asked to participate in such ways as following up with their primary care provider, utilizing programs intended to support them with health issues they are facing, receiving support in accessing care as needed.

What happens if I or my spouse decides we do not want to be part of the program any longer?

You may opt out of the program at any time. If you would like to opt of the wellness incentive program, please contact Employee Connect at 1-844-235-4647 (externally) or ext. 70000 (internally). If you or your spouse choose to opt out of the program or do not participate in the biometric screening and/or any care management activities requested, you will no longer be eligible for the wellness incentives.

I received a letter to follow up with my Primary Care Provider because my biometric values were out of the recommended ranges. Why is this being asked?

This is being asked as part of care management, based upon the results of your screening one or more of the values were outside the recommended range. The screening is not intended to diagnose any health condition, but is a tool to begin a conversation with your primary care provider. If you have already seen your primary care provider no action is needed.

Do I need to provide results from my Primary Care Provider visit?

No, validation will happen through the healthcare and care management providers under the plan.

What if I do not follow up with my Primary Care Provider or join Care Management?

Eligibility for the wellness incentives is based upon participation in the biometric screening and requested care management activities. If you or your spouse (if covered under the health plan) decline to participate as requested, you may no longer be eligible to participate in the wellness incentive program.

How will I know if I am no longer eligible to participate in the wellness incentive program?

You will receive a letter offering the opportunity to continue in the program by complying with the program requirements by a designated date. After that date you will no longer be eligible for the incentive. If the incentive being earned is the lower premium, you may expect the premium to change within 2 pay periods. For the employer HSA contribution associated with the High Deductible Plan incentive program you will not receive the January 2018 contribution.

How can I find a Primary Care Provider or schedule an appointment?

Please call 1-844-KPN-DOCS (1-844-576-3627) for assistance in finding a Tier 1 Primary Care Physician.


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